Nice things in the mail

I got a few nice things in the post in the last week or two.  First to show, is this very cute German fabric with matching ribbon:

It’s so sweet, but I’m not sure what to do with it.  It’s half a yard, but selvage to selvage is quite a lot longer than 44″.  A little apron? I’m a bit loathe to make anything out of it that will likely get dirty, as it’s got so much white, and I don’t want the ribbon to get dingy..  This item, incidentally, was from Celtic Fusion Fabrics, who I shall add to the Resources page straightaway.

Amazon provided me with the book One-Yard Wonders.  As it’s got pictures of fabric from most of my favorite designers, it’s definitely good as eye-candy.  Hard to say how many of the items I’ll make, but it’s good for ideas at least.  I like the nifty pocket for the patterns and the spiral binding.

A few things I might be interested in making:

I have to say, for me it wouldn’t get much better than an ironing board covered in Erin Michael’ Lush fabric.  I’ve even got some in the fabric box..

My last couple attempts at oven mitts went a bit FAIL..maybe next time I should actually follow a pattern (and not starting out with the most complicated sort of mitt on a machine that can’t handle the 12803 layers of fabric would help also :P).  I do desperately need some of these.  My old one is embarrassing to look at (I cook like my dad–the kitchen ends up wearing a lot of sauce, etc.) and my new one, which cost a £1 at Tesco was wrecked within a couple hours of owning it when dear James used it to poke at a very hot gas hob, charring it black.

Oh speaking of ‘black’, Nyssa and I were searching Amazon for notepads and such and guess what my little girl is quite taken by..

That’s right–proto-preteen-goth Emily the Strange!  Aw, bless.  I told Nyssa next time we’re in the States we’ll have to rock Hot Topic.  And now you all know where to get her birthday and Christmas presents; aren’t you excited?  ;)

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